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As trees age, the unhealthy or damaged branches will begin to die off. This can cause potentials hazards of falling limbs that can harm people or your lawn, or cause clutter all over your lawn.  Removing the dead- wood from a tree will help the tree in a variety of ways:

  •  Promotes better tree health by stimulating new growth
  •  Reduces the supply of material available to insects and diseases that can infest your trees
  •  Maintains the safety of your yard by reducing the possibility of falling branches
  •  Makes trees and yards look healthy and attractive!

Something to think about:

If deadwood is left untreated or is left on an otherwise healthy tree, the tree uses its available energy and nutrients to attempt to revive the dead portion of the tree (which is a lost cause since once a portion of the tree is already dead, it will remain dead) or the process of compartmentalization sets in.  Compartmentalization is where the tree recognizes the dead branch(es) and keeps from sending nutrients to that section.  This forces the unfed portion of the tree to eventually rot and break away from the tree.  Once this happens, the tree will likely callous over the damaged area. Pruning out the deadwood can speed up the process of compartmentalization, thereby directing the tree’s energy and nutrients to the live portions. At times however, insects, particularly in soft wood trees, can interrupt this process. Another possibility of interruption may be that the trees are not capable of healing themselves over and decay will set in.  To keep this from happening, having Braik Brothers remove the deadwood from your trees is without a doubt the way to go.

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